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Criminal Defense Attorney in Dearborn, Michigan

Facing any sort of criminal law issue is a scary ordeal. Being charged with or accused of illegal driving practices, violence, drug charges, fraud, or anything else can feel overwhelming, especially when you believe you're innocent. What makes those feelings worse is when you realize that there are serious consequences that follow a charge, including high fines, incarceration, and more.

Whether you believe you are innocent or guilty, it's important that you don't speak to the police if they try to question you. You have the right to remain silent, and it is a right that you should practice. Instead, reach out to an experienced and passionate attorney. Facing criminal charges by yourself could have devastating consequences.

Types of Criminal Defense Cases

At Select Law, PLLC, Attorney Saleh will fight fearlessly against any criminal charges you are your loved ones may face. If you are facing any charges stay silent and contact an attorney immediately. He offers criminal defense in all felony and misdemeanor cases, including, but not limited to:

  • Traffic Violations

  • Drug Charges

  • Assault and Battery


  • Driving with a Suspended License

  • Fraud

  • Probation and Parole violations

  • Drug Crimes

  • Warrants

Attorney Saleh Will Fight the Charges Brought Against You

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Dearborn, Michigan

With the goal to help his community, Attorney Saleh has spent years in service. After 10 years in a non-profit, he realized that understanding the law would help grow the scope of people he could serve, and since then, he has practiced criminal defense and family law for his community. Attorney Saleh serves people in the areas of Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Detroit, Allen Park, and Garden City, Michigan. If you are in need of a responsive, personable, and experienced attorney throughout Michigan, reach out today to Select Law, PLLC, and schedule a free consultation with Attorney Saleh. As a criminal defense attorney, he will proudly litigate for you.